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शुक्रवार, 8 नवंबर 2019

Attack in Thailand, 15 security personnel killed

Attack in Thailand, 15 security personnel killed

The current scenario

Sajjad Ali Nayani
In Thailand, 15 security personnel were killed and 5 others injured by firing from armed people in the southern province of terrorism, while the incident has been described as the worst in 15 years.A spokesman for the Thailand army says that blood stains have been found at two check posts in Yala province, which also appears to have injured the attackers during the exchange of firing.
He said that among the slain officers were 4 women and a doctor is also involved.
Provincial police say that after the incident, the highways leading to Yala have been closed to vehicles as landmines were installed near the poles for power cuts.
Thailand's Prime Minister Priyoth Chan Ocha says that this attack shows that instead of attacks on terrorist forces and policemen, they are focusing their attention on security volunteers and that they are their easy targets. It will be better planned by quoting.

It is known that in southern areas of Thailand, self-help forces were deployed to protect the village, which are trained by the army but are not paid but are given weapons on a small scale, due to which they do not compete better with the terrorists.