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शनिवार, 2 नवंबर 2019

Assistant police inspector Vinod Tamboli dies in a train accident

Assistant police inspector Vinod Tamboli dies in a train accident

He was a senior police inspector at murud police station

By yusuf shaikh
Assistant police inspector Vinod Tamboli, a senior police inspector of the Murud police station, was found dead on the railway track behind Simran Motors. Whether they were in an accident or a suicide, the opposite has been discussed
. He lived in the khanda colony. Assistant police inspector Kesarkar and colleagues rushed to the information that an unidentified man was found dead on the sidewalk of Simran Motors between Panvel and Khandeshwar railway stations this afternoon, according to a train passenger informed police.
 It was revealed that the body of a person was found at the scene. As they tried to identify, Assistant Police Inspector Vinod Tamboli was found dead.
Vinod Tamboli was the chief officer of the Murud police station in Raigad district. Raigad district police superintendent Anil Parskar said that he had gone on a two-day leave from yesterday, giving the reason for his illness.
Though Tamboli has been told by railway police sources that he was injured in a train collision, several questions are being raised. Opinions have also begun that Tamboli may have committed suicide.
 On the other hand, they are being exposed to the possibility of harm. Today, the incident took place around 4:30 pm on Saturday.
Tamboli was the police officer in the Panvel office of the Commissioner of Police, Circle 2 during 2011. Subsequently, the Assistant Police Inspector had reached the post of examinations under the account. He was serving as Senior Police Inspector of Murud Police Station.
 Further investigation is being conducted by Panvel Railway Police.