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गुरुवार, 7 नवंबर 2019

All accused in Manoj Ghomone murder case released....

All accused in Manoj Ghomone murder case released

TCS Desk
In the dispute over playing music at Gulzar Pura Chowk, two young men were attacked by 10 accused in a conspiracy to kill them. In this incident, one was killed on the spot itself while the other was seriously injured. The court, after hearing the arguments of both the parties, ordered the release of the accused due to lack of strong evidence against them.
The current scenario

A complaint was lodged by Vijay Shantram Ghomone at the Old City Police Station. In which it was said that on the night of 31 July 2015, his brother Manoj Shantaram Ghomone and Jai Wadekar stood in conversation at Gulzar Pura Chowk. Meanwhile, the accused, who arrived there with sharp-edged weapons, attacked both of them with a fatal attack.

In this incident, Manoj Ghomon died on the spot itself due to serious injury. While Jai Wadekar was injured. On the basis of this complaint, the police registered an offense against the above accused under Sections 302, 307,147, 148, 149, 101, 201, 120B, Section 4 of the Arm Act, 25, Section 135 of the Mumbai Police Act.

 The police investigated and filed the charges in the court. In this case, the statements of 12 witnesses were recorded by the government side. On Thursday, the 4th District and Sessions Judge Shingade, while hearing this famous murder case, issued orders to release all the accused for lack of strong evidence.

 Advocates Munna Khan, Yusuf Naurangabadi and Dildar Khan pleaded on behalf of the accused.