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गुरुवार, 7 नवंबर 2019

A meeting of media personnel led by Deputy Collector Vikram Singh

A meeting of media personnel led by Deputy Collector Vikram Singh

Dipak kumar
The administrative staff has become fully cautious on the Ayodhya Ram temple Babri Masjid dispute is about to come to the Supreme Court, for the purpose of maintaining peace, a meeting of media personnel led by Deputy District Officer Vikram Singh held at Tehsil Headquarters. While addressing the journalists, Deputy Collector Vikram Singh said that whatever the decision of the Supreme Court, it should be given to all Have to respect.
The current scenario

Let everyone play their part in maintaining peace Do not broadcast any commentary procession on social media, commentary on any particular category, offensive messages, inflammatory messages etc. Also alert the administrative staff against those who do so.To ensure that the atmosphere in the area does not deteriorate, he urged people of all religions to come forward for cooperation and maintain peace. He said that the administrative staff will be forced to take strict action against some anti-social elements who will try to disturb the peace. In case of doubt, legal action is possible against the said person.

 Discussed with the journalist about the situation in the village. Appealing, he said that all of you should appeal at your level to maintain peace in the region and respect the decision of the Supreme Court. In order to keep the Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb in the area, the enlightened people came forward and appealed to maintain peace.

Naseem Khan, Shailendra Chaudhary, Pritam Tiwari Dayashankar Rai, Pankaj Pandey, Indrasan Yadav, Izhar Khan, Enududdin Ansari, Deepak Jaiswal, Vivek Singh Vicky, Sandip Sharma, Anil Pandey, etc. were present on the occasion.