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मंगलवार, 27 अगस्त 2019

World’s Prestigious The Diana Award Conferred to Jawwad Patel

young scientist jawwad patel
jawwad patel
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Akola based Inventor and research scientist, Jawwad Patel bags prestigious Diana Award 2019 from Royal British Government in the category of research and innovation for nation building, Award was declared on International Youth Day in the memory of Diana, princess of Wales at Buckingham Palace, London.
The Diana Award was established in 1999 by the British Government who wanted to continue Princess Diana’s legacy by establishing a formal way to recognise young people who were going above and beyond the expectation in their local communities.
Jawwad has invented multiple revolutionary social innovations, Like Dewdrop – a device which produce potable water from air, Epidermus – early stage self-examination breast cancer detection device, Non- invasive glucometer, Smart Helmet – Bike rider safety and security device, Artificial intelligence based smart agriculture system for increasing the productivity of crops and other multiple innovations, He encourages students to take part in research and innovation in the local community and also deliver motivational sessions in schools and colleges, He is also a TEDx speaker and keynote speaker at IITs and NITs, He is the recipient of National Youth Award from Government of India and many other National and International Awards. While having conversation he shares “My only Mission is to continue the legacy of Dr. APJ Kalam which literally makes our country super power one day for sure” he added,
Jawwad’s father Dr. Zafar Patel is an inspection authority officer in Ministry of Minority Affairs, “It’s a proud moment for me that my son is representing my country India in the world” He added. Jawwad hold number of research patents and research papers, we appreciate and acknowledge his efforts and contribution towards nation building, it’s a proud moment for all of us.