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बुधवार, 28 अगस्त 2019

Personality OR Attitude ....

   What comes to your mind when we think of word Personality.A great businessman, a actor, a politician, great scientist.Yes of course .But have we ever thought why they are at such we just see stardom they have but reason behind all the succes is there personality and attitude towards things they are facing in day to day life.looking good doesn't mean you have good personality but having right attitude makes you better personality.whenever any problem arises we think of problem and keep on discussing about it but not of its root.once we know the root of problem we can definitely resolve it but question again arises is your attitude. do we really want to kill the problem or just we want temporary solution,our answer to this shows our attitude towards our life also.
Attitude doesn't mean arrogance it is like how we treat to situations, people around us. We should always take our problems as our projects as they will give you more strength and help you to make your self analysis.our problems are best tutor to is they shows what you are.Everyone has knowledge of books but most of time it works only for passing exam we never try to use as we never try it for life we use it for exams only and when it comes to your life we get fail & then starts the journey of failure and frustration. Answer to all these problems starts from your personality and attitude    because you are the only one to use your ability ,what lies behind us & what lies before us are tine matters as compared to what lies inside us.a balloon seller sells ballon not because of their colors but because of air inside balloons due which they are in air. Everyone should know this things our personality doesn't mean outer color, clothes but it is what qualities or positive attitude we have in ourself towards life or career. To be a better personality we should have positive attitude that will come by improving your skills and abilities in you so start doing self analysis( Your interest, your achievement, your skills & personal qualities) at certain level in life & work on weakness you have, sharpen your skills if you want to be a good personality.always remember "No one will insult you without your Permission"...