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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Akot Fail Police Again Seized a Pistol and cartridge, Arrested one

Akot Fail Police Again Seized a Pistol and cartridge, Arrested one 

TCSN Desk 02 Sep

By : Sy Zamir (JK)✍️

Yesterday akot fail police had seized pistol and one cartridge in which 18 year old akot fail sadhna chowk resident yasin was arrested. Today police also get success to seize another pistol and two cartridge. According to information received by source to TCSN,

In further investigation in yesterday's pistol case police found that accused had bought that pistol from Taswar baig resident of Mangrul peer. In between akot fail police inspector mahendra 

kadam got secret information that this crime is also belongs to akola's khadan PS, according to information team Nitin shushir, Harish Chandra Date, Bhushan More, Chotu pawar,Aslam Shah, Sanjay Pandey, Shyam Athave, Dilip Ingle, Rahul Chavhan etc, immediately reached khadan area where they found Taswar baig with pistol and three live cartridge, police arrested accused with pistol and cartridge and registered offence according to IPC sections. Further investigation going on said by officials.