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Monday, April 20, 2020

Meals of Happiness:He brought smiles to the faces of many people

Meals of Happiness:He brought smiles to the faces of many people

◼️By Arvind Jadhav✍️
Satar Maharashtra 19 Apr 2020
amid nationwide lockdown in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, mahesh atakekar and his supporter distributing a meal to poor labours who are resident of karnataka and stuck in stara's village "divshi".some people beleving that CORONA is only in cities but it proved to be wrong, CORONA patients are now in rural areas also. In this lockdown, poor people , labours are facing a lot of trouble, at somewhere they are not
getting any food.In Patan tehsil of satara district there is a labours family stuck who are from karnataka. No one can be called a mistake in this because all the villagers have been given strict order from the administration that they should stay away from outsiders.Actually, we are talking about the people of a "Banjara" society, people come to the summer season in Maharashtra. Their main job is to dig a well and give it to the farmer and this work is
done these days.In these days the detection of depth of water goes to easy .Even before the lockdown these people had came here and were working in some place, they live with the group by building a hut around the existing work.The villagers also recognize them because of the long standing in a village.But this disease has done the work of keeping man away from the human being, the other people avoided it to take care of them. And their troubles started increasing, only if the man lived it was okay but there are men and women workingh ere as well as their children are also with them, the whole grain was over and due to non-work, they had not money.Recently, a unseasonal rains also damaged there huts. The head of these labours  group shared this situation through social media to our correspondent Arvind Jadhav and our correspondent shared this reality with the local people by with the local WhatsApp group.The next day, Mahesh Atekar, who works as a manager in a big company in Pune and the resident of this tehsil, immediately took his childhood friend Nitin Pisal and walked towards those people, with necessary things of food, grains and handed over them and also assured them for possible help.On seeing the sudden and urgent help, the labourers' faces were found happy and the head of the group also thanked them.A hopeful picture has been revealed through Mahesh that if any crisis comes to our country or village, then one step should be taken forward with the administration.