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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Why Technical Education...?

Why Technical Education...?

As we all know education plays vital role in growth of personal and of course changes in stare of country. To meet the challenges, one need to be educated properly and to survive only education is not important but making it technical education makes you compatible to face the challenges, to understand the problems so that they can be solved with the help of technical education. As we are living in a era where on every step of life is surrounded with technical things which makes life easier for us not only in day to day life but in every sector one needs to understand how technical era is developing the nation worldwide through research centers, defense and also in biological aspects.
The Current Scenario

Technical education teaches you the practical knowledge you need to understand the real problems encounter and the skills needed to overcome them, A question always arise in our mind that what makes our life so easier? and simple answer to it is technology. We need to understand the importance of Technical education if we want to b in this competitive world. Everyday new technology launches to overcome previous one but to handle it one should b skilled enough.

Pro.Tushar Sangole 
Placement officer 
MK City Akola