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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The wound is still fresh after 52 years of the Koyna earthquake

52 years of Koyna earthquake completed today

Arvind jadhav
On December 11, 1967, at about 4.30,in Maharashtra's town koynanagar, a big and pain full voice came to the ears. What people have seen getting up from sleep? the roof of their house has fallen on them instead of a blanket. People are running out of the way by running out of houses. This was the situation in all areas. This earthquake was so devastating that 105 people died and around 2000 people were injured. A number of human animals also lost their lives.
Nearly 5000 families had lost their homes, there were voices of crying and shouting from all sides. The Revenue Department started its work in the morning before being admitted to the hospital for treatment on the people but due to the low number of doctors, a team of doctors from Poona and adjoining district was called and treatment started first.
Now the big challenge was the rehabilitation of people, who were in thousands. Balasaheb Desai, a prominent leader of the region and current minister, took the front from Mumbai directly and ordered every possible help and made his departure for the region. Was it not enough? then that at 11.30 pm another earthquake struck, but it had to return empty handed from the already suffered area. Things were getting worse.
All the people of the area had come under the shelter of 3 temples. The process of there rehabilitation was started. Balasaheb Desai also reached the area and took stock of the situation.He established his contact with the administration. At present, before the help, there was a need to support the people. Balasaheb Desai announced that till the last house is not built, he will remain with the same people. The administration got involved with this work diligently and the rehabilitation work came in progress.
Balasaheb Desai, demanded from government to pay some amount to the people, gaving the green signal to the balasahab desai, government showed their assurance of being in such difficulty with the people. After about a month, the new area was formed, it is worth mentioning that Balasaheb Desai stayed between the people for a whole month and brought them back on track. Balasaheb Desai had also demanded some facilities for Longo such as his government job and other government facilities.