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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Our government committed to the all-round development of villages - MLA, Mukesh Patel

Alirajpur (M.P)
Rahim Sherani

Mukesh Patel, the young MLA from Alirajpur, inaugurated the Bhumi Pujan and electrification of CC Road and culvert construction works costing more than 37 lakhs.On this occasion, MLA Patel said that my goal is all-round development of every village in the assembly constituency. 
And the Kamal Nath government will not allow lack of funds in the development of villages.Our government is committed to provide all types of basic facilities including providing better roads, electricity and water in the villages.

No development in fifteen years.
In the name of development of villages in the last 15 years, the BJP government has only cheated the villagers. The Congress government is continuously working for the development of every village so that villagers can get all the facilities and benefits of the scheme on time,this was stated by MLA Mukesh Patel while inaugurating CC Road, culvert construction and electrification work in various villages of Sondwa development block. During this, MLA Patel inaugurated various construction works which having a cost of more than Rs 37 lakh.