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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Meghnagar Kasturba Girls Hostel in the issue of discussion

After all, who is misleading the girl students?

"Mobile and love stories are also behind the scenes"

TCS Desk
10 Dce-2019
Rahim sherani
Kasturba hostel has come into the limelight due to lack of coordination between the girls and the superintendent of Kasturba Ashram located in Meghnagar of Jhabua district.Hostels are becoming the focal point of indiscipline, or somewhere the lack of decisive monitoring and ignoring of district officials is now taking a violent form.

Whether it is the case of Jhabua or the case of Thandla, it has not cooled down yet, that the infighting between the junior and senior female students also took place in the Kasturba Ashram Gurjarpada Road like Meghnagar. For the past 15 days, the above issue had plagued the officials of the district
Therefore, the District Education Officer ordered to closed the hostel till the next orderThis is also a challenge for hostels before them. 125 girl is now concerned about her future, the officer has resigned and the administration has not made this new appointment.

Where is this sudden change in four months taking the purity of education? In the mental tension, the officer is upset, after all, who is washing the mind of these girls?