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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Impact of TCS's news, Administration has conducted an investigation

Lakhimpur khiri (UP)
SP Tiwari/Nityanand Vajpayee
The news, titled "Black marketing of crores made by the association of Rice Mill and Government Purchasing Centre" was prominently published by TCS. Taking cognizance of the news, the administration set up an inquiry. The Yogi government had set up government paddy purchasing centers to provide farmers a fair price for their crops. At the price bench, these purchasing centers fell victim to the "black eyes" of the honorable people of the ruling party.It goes on to state that there was a big mess at the Government Paddy Purchasing Center in Tikunia of Nighasan Tehsil area. Due to the nexus of MP Kheri's Rice Mill
and Purchasing Center without weighing on it, Paddy of Crores of Papers in Paper at Unweighted Purchasing Center Was purchased.At the same time, local farmers kept on watching, and were forced to sell their crops to traders at low prices.Some regional farmers told to the TCS's team about the paddy purchase disturbances that whenever the government paddy went to the purchasing center, they could not get the weight, then how the local MP's paddy was sold for crores. How the paddy was purchased from 121 people till 18 November from the 121 people for the price of 1892.520000 metric ton (Three crore forty seven lakh twenty seven thousand seven hundred twenty two rupees).The news of widespread rigging at the Paddy Purchase Center was prominently published by TCS.

Taking cognizance of the news, District Purchase Officer Arun Kumar Singh has given instructions to verify the purchase in relation to the disturbances at the purchasing center in paddy procurement.

Regarding which, District Food Marketing Officer Lalmani Pandey has summoned the video clip and mobile number of the farmers from the purchasing center to verify the purchase.The case of the purchasing center is seen hanging on the operator of the purchasing center in the case. The employees of the purchasing center are fearing action. Now it will be interesting to see if some action is taken in the district administration in large scale disturbances in the purchase of paddy It does or because the matter is connected to the ruling party, the investigation of disturbances remains in cold storage.