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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Former Cabinet Minister Smt. Archana Didi welcomed the staff including Ajak police station in-charge,

Mehalka Ansari
Former Madhya Pradesh cabinet minister Smt. Archana Chitnis (Didi) along with public representatives, party officials, activists and supporters, Burhanpur's Ajak police station ranks among the top three police stations in the country. Arriving at the police station in-charge Kishikumar Aggarwal and officials, Staff including the soldiers were welcomed with shawl-shriphal and flower garlands. Mrs. Chitnis greeted by presenting the book "Hind Swagat" and wished to serve the public as well as do excellent work.

Former Cabinet Minister Smt. Archana Chitnis said that Burhanpur's Special Police Station (Ajak Police Station) has been ranked third in the country on outstanding performance in police functioning, crime control and all fields. In the honor ceremony held in Pune, Maharashtra, Union Home Minister, Ma. Amit Shah presented the trophy to the police station in-charge Kishore Kumar Aggarwal. For this, all the staff including the station in-charge Kishore Kumar Agarwal are entitled to congratulations. This type of results only comes from working in a team spirit. Smt. Archana Chitnis said that out of 14 lakh 9 thousand police stations, Ajak police station of Burhanpur has received this honor. In the Best Police Station Award, Andaman Nicobar got the first place and Balasore police station of Gujarat got the second place. Best Police Station Awards have started from 2014. This Prime Minister Is an initiative initiated by Narendra Modi. This creates a feeling of competition for the first arrival in the police stations and improves all the activities of the police station. Mrs. Chitnis said that the Union Home Ministry conducted a secret survey of 100 police stations of all the states of the country. The survey report was prepared at 50 points. In which information was obtained from political, social, youth, laborers, victims, traders, staff etc. in selected police station areas of each district. After this, the status of the record was checked. After meeting all the 50 points, the Union Ministry selected the top 3 police stations in the country. Which also includes Burhanpur.

Municipal Corporations Manoj Tarawala, Jagdish Kapoor, Pandurang Jadhav, Mukesh Shah, Virendra Tiwari, Vinod Choudhary, Sudhir Khurana, Shivkumar Pasi, Sambhajirao Sagre, Rudreshwar Andole, Kishore Kamathe, Ashish Shukla, Deepak Mahajan, Gaurav Shukla, Kamleshwand, on the occasion Amol Bhagat, Rahul Maratha, Amit Parmaker, Jayesh Dhare, Yogesh Chaudhary, Karan Chowkse, Bhagwan Wagh, Sandeep Thackeray, Vijay Rathore, Vijay Amode, Mahesh Shah, Deva Marathe NY representatives, party officials, activists and Smrthkgn present.