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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

"EO" Singahi Anurag Pandey has been removed from the post of officer.

Singahi Khiri
S.P Tiwari/Zamir Ahemad
Nagar Panchayat Singahi EO Anurag Pandey has been removed from the post of Nagar Panchayat Executive Officer with immediate effect by the Uttar Pradesh Government in the matter of hiding the fact of the Home District during deployment. As per the information received, Anurag Pandey was posted as Executive Officer in District Panchayat Kandaura, Jalaun on 22-02-2019. Meanwhile, during the annual transfer session, he gave false information to the government, hiding the facts of the home district and got his transfer done on 26-06-2019 in the Nagar Panchayat Singahi of Lakhimpur Kheri district.After some time, the government came to know about this through a local letter in which the matter was disclosed, taking cognizance of the matter, the Principal Secretary, Urban Development Section, UP Government, issued an order against Anurag Pandey on the charge of providing misleading information, being a truthful suspect. The deputation made to the post of Officer Nagar Panchayat Singahi was abolished and with immediate action.
People say that the development work done during his tenure has been rigged. Employees and contractors, including the EO, can also come in cricle of action if the development work done during their tenure is scrutinized by the rules.