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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Dental pain and common man How frequently you should visit your dentist

Dental pain and common man
How frequently you should visit your dentist

                   In India we don’t visit any dental clinic unless we don’t have a tooth ache and when we visit the doctor its to late for the patient in pain full situation patient have to go through different dental producer like root canal treatment which these treatment are not at all budget for a common man those patient who can afford money can get the treatment for saving his/her tooth ,otherwise you has to lose your tooth. Various government hospital works for poor dental people but they always lack the required equipment or good quality materials. We have other charitable trust for dental treatment but they are yet to prove their quality. In India we have so much other issues to solve at least.
I request to all citizens of India to have a regular check up at least one in a 6 month with family. We have heard many time that presentation is better than cure , so we have to require a good habit of maintaining oral hygiene and keep yourself free frome cavities, natation is progressing so we should move toward cavity free India
How to keep your teeth healthy

  • Brush your teeth twice in a day
  • Do gargling every time you eat
  • Avoid sticky food in the evening hour
  • Use Regular dental floss 
  • Use a tongue cleaner 

Dr. Zubair ahmad 
(MDS) GR Dental Hospital Akola