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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Black marketing of crores made by the association of Rice Mill and Government Purchasing Centre

Black marketing of crores made by the association of Rice Mill and Government Purchasing Centre

Lakhimpur Khiri (U.P)
SP Tiwari/Nityanand Vajpayee
The state government has set up government procurement centers to get the farmers a fair price for their paddy crop, on which farmers can sell their paddy at a reasonable price, but the purchase of paddy in Lakhimpur Kheri is going to fail due to Honourable Weighing on the government procurement centre could not be seen, but thousands of quintal paddy was purchased in the papers by the honourable people of the ruling party and the regional farmers kept staring, which is a matter of discussion all over the district It goes on to say that thousands of quintal paddy were purchased in unweighted at the government paddy purchasing center in Tikunia of Nighasan tehsil area, while the regional farmers are forced to sell their paddy in the hands of rice millers and shopkeeper.Some regional farmers told that whenever they went to the government paddy purchasing center, they could not get weighed.
Despite how the local MP's paddy was sold for lakhs of rupees.A farmer told on the condition of anonymity that there is a rice mill of current MP in village Banbirpur.Due to lack of weights at the government purchasing center, the regional farmers take their paddy to the same rice mill and sell it for a near about quarter of the price and the same paddy weighs in the paper at the government purchasing center.Thus, due to the involvement of the officials, Black marketing of crores made by the association of Rice Mill and Government Purchasing Center.According to the departmental records, only Paddy of Ajay Mishra and Pushpa Mishra, residents of Banbirpur village, have been purchased at this purchasing center at this purchasing center. Ajay Mishra, who is currently a member of the Kheri Lok Sabha. All the farmers whose paddy was procured were shown, all of them are businessmen associated with the outside and the ruling party.
"How many purchases total?"
According to the data uploaded on the departmental site so far, a total of 121 people at this purchasing center (1892.520000 metric tonnes)  Paddy worth 34727742 (three crore forty seven lakh twenty seven thousand seven hundred twenty two rupees) has been purchased.

What is responsible says:
In this regard, when information was sought from the District Manager PCU, a number of calls were made, but they did not recived call, some of information could not be found regarding this issue. When Deputy RMO Kheri was tried to know his side in this case, he told that this matter is not in my cognizance. After investigating the case, legal action will be taken against the guilty center in-charge.