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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Widespread irregularity in cowshed construction

Widespread irregularity in cowshed construction

Panna /Gunor(M.P)
Sandip tiwari 
How strong the roots of corruption it can be gauged from the Gaushala being built in the Gram Panchayat Kot of Gunnore district, which is offering corruption. The villagers allege that the Government Gaushala is being constructed by the Gram Panchayat in which the amount of government is misused by using substandard material. TCS the current scenario

Explain that the Madhya Pradesh government is constructing a cow shed to prevent the loss of road accidents due to stray cattle in the rural areas and loss of crops in agriculture.While the farmer is unhappy with these stray animals, the gaushala being built to keep the animals in a safe place is offering corruption. If this gaushala is examined objectively, irregularities will come out on a large scale. It is also surprising that no board has been put up to the effect that the cost of construction of the cowshed is being done by the Panchayat Department.

 Locals have demanded a cow shed check up.