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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Virtue should develop in children - Raghuvanshi

Virtue should develop in children - Raghuvanshi.

Distributed a thousand pairs of woolen sweaters.

Shahzad khan 
For the best results in the education sector, Mahesh Memorial Public School of the famous city collected clothes and woolen sweaters from its school students and distributed it to the childrens of nearest village area by the students of the institution. About 1 thousand pairs of clothes and woolen sweaters were distributed to school children in 4 villages of the area.
 On this occasion, MD of the organization Karunesh Raghuvanshi and Sunita Raghuvanshi said that along with education, it is absolutely necessary to develop sentiment and virtuous virtues in children. The children of our organization bring clothes and woolen sweaters from their homes and distribute the needy rural school children with their own hands to develop a sense of benevolence, harmony.

  The principal of the organization Manoranjan Panda said that motivating for good work is the biggest virtue, Administrator Surendrasinh Chauhan said that such acts develop deep feelings of compassion, love, harmony among children.

The children of Mahesh Memorial School along with their teachers went to the school students of village Agar, Neemkheda, Ghatbori, and Cheesaba in Bagh block and distributed about one thousand pairs of clothes and woolen sweaters with their own hands as needed. There was immense enthusiasm, happiness in student. The institute is praising the commendable exemplary work of high charitability and the development work of virtues in children. On this occasion, the manager of the institution Surendra Soni and all the teachers were involved.