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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Thrill: A passion to control snakes without a kit

Thrill: A passion to control snakes without a kit
Bagh (MP)
Shahzad Khan                                                     
As soon as a snake is seen, a person runs away from its awe. But there are some rare people who are doing a commendable job of catching snakes and leaving them in a safe place even after risking their lives. A similar view was seen in the courtyard of the Higher Secondary School garden on Sunday when a 5-foot-long snake appeared in the school grounds,on receiving the information, Dharmendra Bamania reached the school and caught the snake.
Although the snake ran away and lodged his protest and retaliated several times. This work is commendably filled with fearlessness, but Dharmendra Bamnia should be provided kit so that it can prove to be useful in an odd situation.
 Undoubtedly God has given amazing courage to Dharmendra, due to which he has become adept in the art of snake catching.