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Monday, November 25, 2019

The church courtyard resonated with the joy of the Christ King,

The church courtyard resonated with the joy of the Christ King,

 the Christian community celebrated the festival of king Christ with great pomp.

Ali Asgar Bohra
Jhabua (M.P)
The group was already making preparations for the week of the King of Christ. At 8 am on Sunday morning, the community gathered at the local Jyoti Bhavan sports ground and celebrated the Christian community festival with great pomp this year. The first Missa sacrifice was organized. Which was offered by Bishop Dr. Basil Bhuria SVD. Palli Purohit Fa with Bishop Basil Bhuria as assistant priests. Pratap Baria, Fa. Michael Makwana, Fa. Virendra, Fa. Amudakani, Fa. Imbanathan, Fa. Johnson was present.

King means serving the people
Bishop Dr. Basil Bhuria, in his address to the devotees, defined Yesu as the Christ King. He explained to the people the true meaning of the king. A king means not only to rule, but to serve the people. He displayed the life- sacrifices form of  Yeshu Christ.Catholic Diocese PRO Father Rocky Shah told that after the Misa sacrifice, the congregation was converted into a procession procession,

reaching the Vivekananda Colony, Sajjan Road, Rajwada Wauk, Azad Chowk, Babel Square, Thandla Gate, Main Bazaar, Gandhi Crossroads from Joolus Jyoti Bhawan Pragan.

Prayed for world peace
Bishop Basil Bhuria prayed for world peace at Rajwada. He gave a message of mutual love and brotherhood. Last prayers and blessings were given to the people in the church premises. At the same time, Bishop Basil Bhuria thanked the various parties who were preparing for the last one week with the greetings of the festival of Christ the King. Finally a community feast was held. The above information was given by the Niklesh Damore.