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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Seagull Pharma distributed masks to people to protect lungs from disease called COPD

Seagull Pharma distributed masks to people to protect lungs from disease called COPD

Lakhimpur Khiri( UP)
Shahnawaz Gauri/SP.Tiwari
In order to save people from the spread of life-threatening lung disease called COPD, the pharmaceutical company Seagal Pharma today took a commendable step and distributed masks in the streets of the city Lakhimpur and other area.
 Field officer Mudassar Nazar along with colleagues wore masks to citizens at major intersections of Lakhimpur city and also informed the people about the benefits of the masks. Mudassar said that in today's pollution-prone environment, there is a very high risk of lung disease called COPD, it is a life-threatening disease.
The only way to stay safe from this life-threatening disease is to stop the polluted air going inside your lungs. If people get this information, not only can people avoid the disease, but the country can also be helped by social and economic borders.
He said that our company Seagull Pharma has taken important steps of mask distribution to bring awareness to the people in the hope that not only people will be safe from this life-threatening disease but will help in strengthening the country. In this regard, many well-known doctors in the city also appreciated this initiative of Seagull Pharma. Eminent diabetes specialist Dr. Nazar Ansari also welcomed and thanked Seagal for welcoming the mask delivery thinking.

 At the same time, Dr. Mahmood, the director of Mehmood Hospital, also expressed his appreciation and congratulations. There was considerable enthusiasm among company workers in mask distribution. All over the city. The initiative of Seagull Company is being appreciated by this initiative.