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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Police raided Akola district's largest Warli record office.

Police raided Akola district's largest Warli record office.

Munna pandey
Police raided the largest Worli Record Office in the district running within the extent of Akola khadan Police Station and arrested 8 accused.

UD Jadhav, in-charge of the khadan police station, got secret information that a person named Chetan Shah in Vidyanagar carries the work of the Warli record in the district, Jadhav informed Superintendent of Police Amogh gavkar.Senior officials ordered to take action

 khadan db employee team raided and arrested the accused
1 Jitendra Ganatra, 2 Sanjay Shukla,
3 Rajesh Ganatra, 4 Ghanshyam Bhakre,
5 Ambadas Sarade, 6 Ravi Yadav,
7 Rajesh Badode, 8 Sanjay Kumone caught red handed, seized from him 21 mobile 8 calculator Worli's letters with 33 thausand 850 rupee

This action was carried out by Digambara Arakharao, Rajendra Telgotte, Ravi Daborao, Shailendra Jadhav.