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Monday, November 4, 2019

Peace committee meeting concluded

Peace committee meeting concluded
The current scenario

Kuldip chaurasiya
Jaysi nagar
 On Monday, a peace committee meeting was held at the police station council of the city to decide the upcoming Ayodhya case.
In which peace committee meeting was organized under the joint aegis of S DOP Raghu Prasad, Naib Tehsildar Sanjay Jain, Deputy Ranger Bawa Bharti Tiwari and Station Incharge Santosh Bhadoria.
In the meeting, SD, O, P Raghu Prasad said that if any social media provokes communal sentiments then inform the police immediately. Tehsildar Sanjay Jain said that those who incite communal sentiments should identify such people and tell the police so that the police can stop them in time.
 He said that Jaisinagar is a quiet dear city and the people here are sensible. Pappu Dubey, Pradeep Dixit, Harnam Singh, Ajay Mishra, Piyush Mishra, Dileep, Dabboo Athiya, Vijay Yadav, Chanchal Chowka, Police station staff including journalists Santosh Namdev Maniram Vishwakarma, Prashant Dixit, Kuldeep Chaurasia, Brajend Rackwar, Radhee Mishra, Gopal Namdev, Gulab Kori, and a large number of townspeople were present.