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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Only if we move ahead in the field of education will the annihilation of the evils: MLA Veer Singh Bhuria.

Only if we move ahead in the field of education will the annihilation of the evils: MLA Veer Singh Bhuria.

Jhabua (M.P)
Ali Asgar Bohra
Taking initiative in removing the evils spread by any class is like cleaning the society. In order to remove these malpractices in the society, an initiative has been taken by the Meghnagar revenue subdivision on the intention of the Madhya Pradesh government, under which the Meghnagar block to prevent force marriages of children as well as efforts to take away dowry and alcohol from the society. The conference of Tadvi Patel of 61 villages under the Meghnagar was held on Sunday in the education block office.
 On this occasion, Meghnagar, Thandla Assembly MLA Veer Singh Bhuria Meghnagar Revenue Sub-Divisional Officer Parag Jain, Police Sub-Divisional Officer Manohar Lal Gawli, Tehsildar Rajesh Sorte, District CEO Rawat, Meghnagar Nagar Chief Executive Officer Vikas Davar, Marketing Association President Kalu Singh Nalwaya, Block Education Officer Mangal Singh, Principal Dev Hare,Nayab Tehsildar Chauhan, Journalist Association President Prakash Bhandari, Assistant Governor of Rotary Club Apna Bharat Mistry, Meghnagar Police Station Incharge Maliwad, Sarpanch Pratap Tahed Bhurka were present. TCS

 The first guests who offered flowers to the mother Veena Vadini at the commencement of the event, expressed their views to remove the evils.

Speeches shared special views to end malpractices at Tadvi Patel Conference
While first addressing Tadvi Patel, Principal Deohara mentioned the distraction from the bad habits of eating kheni gutka prevalent in the society. Most women consume these things. It is a symbol of evil in society. Slogan given. The same Rotary Club assistant governor Bharat Mistry insisted on blood donation in his thoughts even today the youth of tribal society feel compressed in donating blood to their own family.SDOP Manohar Lal Gawli shared the sections of IPC on prevention of child marriage with the sarpanch secretary, as well as the age of the girl being eighteen and the age of the boy 21 years for marriage.

Kalu Singh Nalvaya, President of Marketing Society gave many examples of complete control of dowry in Patelia society.
Prakash Bhandari, President of the Journalists Association, also expressed his views to end the dowry illusion. Giving the example of Kerala State, SDM Parag Jain said that the state of Kerala is a state where education is given importance, education creates health and health strengthens humans.

 Jain, who gave the example of "Halma" system, unitedly said to remove the evil practice, MLA Veer Singh Bhuria also addressed Tadvi Patel in tribal language and also resolved to root out the prevailing evils in the society.The stage was moderated by Mr. Palawat and expressed gratitude by Tehsildar Rajesh Sorate.