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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Number of virgins increasing due to drinking water problem in Jaisnagar

Number of virgins increasing due to drinking water problem in Jaisnagar

People hesitate to give daughter

Jaisi Nagar
Kuldeep Chourasiya
Jisinagar, the largest gram panchayat in Surkhi Vidhan Sabha, has been facing drinking water problems for a long time, while the leaders of the region have led by the leaders of meddling in the politics of Madhya Pradesh.
Corruption of lakhs of rupees takes place in the name of drinking water
Gram Panchayat Jaisinagar currently has only Rajkhoh Nal Yojana, Nal Yojana has become a machine to earn money for patrons and secretaries, how is the manipulation of lakhs of rupees done by the guard secretary in the name of drinking water system, he understood by seeing the bill boucher of the panchayat It may be noted that only 40 percent of the population gets water from the Rajkhoh drinking water scheme, but in the last five years, in the name of provided pipe lines,just distribution of mony occurred.Here let us tell you that pipes worth Rs 2,17000 were laid in Ward Krammak 14,15,18 in Jisinagar, similarly pipes of Rs 4,13000 were poured from "Kuriyat Mohalla" to "Ghehuraas Tiraha" and yes even if one drop of does not come it is not matter or even there is no pipe.But the amount was spent, and in Rajkhoh the places were bored, moters  were bought of lakhs of rupee and repaired, but water could not reach the village, and the officer became a mute spectator.The citizens of the village have also complained to the District Panchayat CEO Chandrashekhar Shukla many times in this regard, but Shukla ji is a busy officer, he has the responsibility of 755 Gram Panchayats of Sagar district, he did not give such answer to the citizens of the village, Jisinagar alone. ,               

Claims and promises of public representatives both failed
Former MLA Parul Sahu kept making big claims regarding drinking water, in the same way Parul Sahu was making claims to solve the drinking water problem of the then MP candidate Bhupendra Singh Jaisinagar in one month after winning the election. Parliamentarian Laxminarayan Yadav also did.After moving ahead of all these leaders, MLA and Cabinet Minister Gobid Singh Rajput's brother and District Congress President Hirasih Rajput, while addressing an general meeting in Chowk Bazar Jaisinagar during the assembly elections, said that we should make MLAs, when our government will form a Will solve drinking water problem of Jaisnagar within month.Today is going to be a year, but Rajkhoh has not looked at the drinking water scheme, now consider it as a status of a ministerial post or something, but no leader has overcome the drinking water crisis of Jisinagar till date,
Jeera irrigation project may reduce problem               
Despite being situated between the Bebas and Dhasan rivers, Jaisnagar is craving for water, while its distance from Jaisinagar is just five to seven kilometers from rivers, many canals have also come out of these two rivers but in the summer season these rivers dry up Goes, if a dam is built on these rivers, then the problem can be solved, as the condition of the city area is that women, children, old people are of the same age every morning. Jobs that make first arrangements for how water and then next work,             
Rajkoh Nal Water Scheme is not getting water in cold weather                                       Where there is an extension of the Rajkhoh Nal Jal Yojana, there are two water workers in the panchayat, where water does not reach on time, they get an honorarium of only Rs 2000, but that too is not given by the gram panchayat on time,
the citizens say that There is enough water in the Rajkhoh drinking water scheme in Jaisinagar, this drinking water crisis is artificial, due to lack of will of the village panchayat, this crisis remains, from rajakho to ghatiya and bus stand  thegebaba there is 30 connection in mainline  but gram panchyat doesn't dear to cut them                     

Secretary does not stop at headquarters
In village panchayat Jaisinagar, transferred from Bilhara to Jaisinagar, Asharam Sahu, who does not stop at headquarters, keeps coming to Jaisinagar from Sagar every day,tell more about the rules, but are not able to give time to stop at headquarters.

The agony of the villagers
The villager said that drinking water has been a problem in this area for a long time. And by making a dam on these two rivers Bebas and Dhasan river, the problem can be solved when we will continue to live by taking water from private tankers, here the whole day gets spoiled due to the lack of water and about one to two kilometers away. Have to juggle water,But now it is expected that the region is headed by the cabinet minister in Madhya Pradesh government, Gobind Singh Rajput, he has talked many times about resolving the drinking water crisis at the time of election, when there was no MLA earlier, but now there is government, and now they will probably solve this problem.