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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Murder incident exposed, Lover carried out the incident due to marriage pressure

Lover carried out the incident due to marriage pressure

By Rahim sherani and Dharmendar soni
The Dhamotar police of Pratapgarh district uncovered the murder incident and solved the body of the girl's body found in well of Tanda village two days ago. The police have arrested such a lover on the charge of murder, who decided to marry the girl after her marriage was decided elsewhere and sent her away from the world when she threatened to discredit the society.
 Superintendent of Police, Pratapgarh, Smt. Pooja Awana said that after the report of missing purity of Ms. Ranu (18), daughter of Tanda resident Mr. Chotulal, who came out of the house at 5.30 am on Diwali, Ms. Ranu's body was found inside the door of Shri Ishwar Lal Patidar on October 31. Found floating. On the report of the father, the investigation into the murder was started at Dhamotar police station.

 Superintendent of Police, Smt. Awana, under the direction of Additional Superintendent of Police Mr. Ashok Meena, under the leadership of Chotisadadi Mr. Gopal Lal, the police officer Deepak Kumar and the team of Cyber ​​Cell were formed to find out the cause of death in suspicious circumstances.
Ms. Awana said that Ms. Ranu had a love affair with a Dadeep, when extensive research was done. There was a dispute between the two when Dilip's marriage was decided. On the morning of 27th of Diwali, Dilip and Ranu met at the same place as Ishwar Lal Patidar's well, where Dilip escaped after pushing Ranu to escape from Ranu.
He said that on Saturday, the team formed on the information of "Mukhbeer" was detained from the farm in Bori and inquired psychologically.

 During interrogation, the accused told that Ms. Ranu started threatening that if you do not marry me, I will defame you in the society. accused explained a lot to Ranu, but she was not ready to understand
The next morning he called Ranu at the well of Ishwar Patidar. Angry at the dispute during the argument, he pushed into the well and ran away.