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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Murder Accused granted bail by HC

Murder Accused granted bail by HC 

Nagpur( M.H)
TCS Desk 
Kartik Dekate was arrested by P.S.O of P.S. Kalmana has registered an offence
punishable under section 302, 143, 147, 148, 149 of IPC R/w sec 4,25 of Arms Act on the complaint of one Ganesh Dabre against the present applicant and others.The case of prosecution is that, complainant Ganesh Dabare whois police constable has lodged the report with Respondent alleging
therein that, he was working in police unitfor discharging their duties 
in their beat Gulshangar. According to the report when Ganesh Dabare along with police constable Vasanta were doing patrolling duty, that time they received intimation from walkie-talkie from the
police control room that near Tarale Flour Mill a dispute is going on therefore they reached there. However, they noticed that a dispute between husband and wife therefore after giving a word of advice they
proceeded for further patrolling. At that time again they received intimation from the control room. Upon that they reached near.Hanuman temple at 23:50 hours. They noticed the mob and that mob was assaulting on a person by means of brick and sword. Taking cognizance of presence of the police party the mob spread. The police party noticed one person failing in injured condition. He was identified as Shaikh Irfan Shaikh Abdul Razak. He was taken to the hospital however he could not be saved.

It was alleged that accused kartik dekhate, Nilesh Mathal, abhinav gosavi etc had committed murder of Sheikh Irfan by assaulting him by means of sword and bricks.

Kartik Dekate was arrested along with 10 other accused persons.

Adv Mir Nagman Ali, Milind Gadge appeared for Kartik Dekate.