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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Minor seriously injured after being struck by electric wire

Minor seriously injured after being struck by electric wire

Paryagraj (U.P)
Vinod Kumar Pandey
 Form 4 days a wire fell down from a pillar in a Dalit colony in Jabradih village of "Thana" area. The villagers, despite giving information to the officials of the electricity department many times, but did not came any staff to connect it.
On the same Monday morning, Sangeeta Kumari, age 16, who had gone to the field, was seriously injured due to current in a fallen wire. The villagers somehow saved the teenager from the current, after which she rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment.

A young man came in the grip of the same wire, injuring him. It is often seen that the employees of electricity bord employee always reach there only after an incident. They do not mind if any incident take place. The current was continuously flowing in the wire that had been fallen since 4 days, neither any employee nor any officer reached there.
Even if the supply of electricity running from the fallen wire is cut off, this incident does not happen, but due to the negligence of departmental officers, increasing the incident