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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Meghnagar Free Plastic Surgery Camp Leads to Creating Another History

Meghnagar Free Plastic Surgery Camp Leads to Creating Another History

Meghnagar (M.P)
Rahim Sherani
The sage has said, 'The body is healthy, Only then you will be able to enjoy life. A person with good health can do all the activities like walking, laughing, joking, worshiping, praying, entertainment etc. Therefore, it is important to understand this. In the same sequence, the third free plastic surgery camp is under progress under joint aegis of Rotary Club Apna Meghnagar and Jeevan Jyoti Hospital Meghnagar.A team of more than a dozen doctors from Germany, successfully treating patients related to plastic surgery from all corners of the country.Father PA Thomas, the director of Jeevan Jyoti, told us that our first duty is to serve, under the leadership of Dr. Barbara from Germany, Dr. Vanilla, Dr. Jeevan Jyoti's Doctor Markus, Dr. Tawar along with other doctors checkup over 400 patients. Out of which 178 suffering patients were selected after scanning for the operation.
After the completion of three days, 32 operations have been done successfully, which mostly includes major operations and surgery.
Bishop of Catholic Diocese Swami Basil Bhuria asks skilled beans every morning and evening to see patients from time to time and to know their movements.

Assistant Governor of Rotary Club Bharat Mistry said that this year we will achieve our 100% operation target with all the patients coming to the camp with the attendant's breakfast in the morning, lunch and evening meal. The system has been kept absolutely free.
The operation is also being done free of cost along with all the medicines and tests done in the operation. In the said event, President of Rotary Club Apna Mahesh Prajapat Secretary Sumit Mutha Mangilal Nayak, Vinod Bafna, Jayant Singhal, Bahadur Singh Chauhan, Rajesh Bhandari, Nilesh Bhanpuria, Kayoom Khan, Jimmy Nirmal Pankaj Raka, Pramod Kumar Toshniwal, Manish Soni, Brajesh Hada, Mahendra Gupta is offering there services daily.