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Friday, November 22, 2019

Manesia Panchayat of Jaisinagar district steeped in corruption

Manesia Panchayat of Jaisinagar district steeped in corruption

 Sarpanch, Secretary is writing a new story of corruption

Kuldeep Chaurasia
Despite the government's efforts against anti-corruption, many gram panchayats are writing new scriptures of corruption, many such gram panchayats are submerged in the river of corruption from head to foot.
The situation is similar to that of the Manesia Gram Panchayat under jaisinagar, where the sarpanch and the secretary are writing a new chapter of corruption, Sarpanch Mayarani Gandharva and Secretary Anil Srivastava together with the Gram Panchayat Manesia are seeing to destroy all the records of corruption, where both of them have done a lot of corruption in the name of Anganwadi building, CC Road, Prime Minister's residence and concrete drain construction.
The pair of sarpanch secretaries are making a dent in the government's treasure on the name of development in the panchayat.In the name of development for the gram panchayat, they have taken lakhs of rupees from the government, but in reality the reality seems to be telling something else.
Sarpanch Mayarani Gandharva and Secretary Anil Srivastava in connivance with an Anganwadi building in Semarakala, Gram Panchayat, Manesia, costing about 7 lakh 80 thousand, despite the withdrawal of the entire amount, till date it was not constructed,Despite the withdrawal of Rs 7 lakh 80 thousand of Anganwadi building in village Singar Mundi, the construction work of the building is lying incomplete.

Similarly, in the name of constructing a paved drain from Manesia Baria to Hanuman temple, he took out 1 lakh 85 thousand rupees, but his construction was not done yet.Sarpanch Mayarani Gandharva and Secretary Anil Shrivastava, immersed in corruption from head to toe, did not leave Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi's very ambitious scheme Prime Minister's residence, even after asking them to work for construction of a house, despite withdrawing money from rural bank accounts. houses were not built.

The villagers said that at the behest of the sarpanch, the sarpanch himself took responsibility for the construction of there houses under the Prime Minister's residence, the amount of which Gramin had withdraw from there bank account and gave it to the sarpanch, but till date the sarpanch did not complete the construction of the houses. Made, even after two years, the Sarpanch is only giving assurances.

These are just a few examples of the Manesia Gram Panchayat steeped in corruption, many panions of corruption will emerge if the Panchayat is properly investigated by top officials of the administration.