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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

In a busy city like Mumbai, some social workers are also like this

In a busy city like Mumbai, some social workers are also like this

Akola (M.H)
Zafar Khan
Mushtaq Muhemtule and his wife from Mumbai are a great example of social service for the society.A true social worker is found very difficult in the crowd of millions of Mumbai and that too without any reason Mushtaq Muhimtule and his wife Razaya Mohimtule have been engaged in helping the poor without any selfishness for many years.

They helps the poor patients of remote areas of Maharashtra.At the same time, many poor's bills are also provided.Right now in Crystal Eye Central Hospital Mazhav Mumbai One patient, Zaheda Ansari, had to get his eye operated, to get the operation done, he needed a lot of money which the patient did not have. Seeing that Mushtaq Mohimtule got him admitted and got the operation done and she got complete treatment in just seven thousand rupees.Seeing his work, many people in the society show respect for Mushtaq Mohimtule and his wife and Say that in such a selfish world, God sends some angel.And such a people are not less than angels
Mushtaq Muhemtule
Razya Muhemtule