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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Government week program organized on Primitive Caste Service Cooperative Society Raipuria

Government week program organized on Primitive Caste Service Cooperative Society Raipuria

Jhabua (M.P)
Ali Asgar Bohra
Government week program was organized on Sunday 17 November at Raipuria Primitive Caste Service Cooperative Society, which will run from 14 November to 20 November.The chief guest of the program, MLA from the area, Walasingh Mera, the program was headed by former Mandi President Tha.Dungarsingh Rathore Special Guest District General Bank General Manager PN Yadav Block Congress President Narendra Pal Singh Rathore, Nandlal Chaudhary, Youth Congress Assembly Speaker Mahendra Pratap Singh Rathore, Manish Bhandari District. District member Shardabai Damor Petlavad from Suresh Mutha, Manna Hamad, Jeevan Tha Congress workers were present on stage
General Manager PM Yadav welcomed the chief guest with flowers, after that all the members of the institution welcomed the guests. In the address of the program, General Manager PN Yadav said that the debts of farmers of Petlavad assembly constituency have been waived. Total farmers 27875 I to 23457 farmers Debt has been forgiven, the remaining 4418 farmers are left, their debt will be forgiven very soon. 116 crore 44 lakh loan waived in Petlavad assembly constituency

He said that according to the plan of the government, the beneficiaries are being given benefit of the area MLA, Walsingh Meda said that the Kamal Nath government has waived loans from small to big farmers. Our government is giving ₹ 51000 of the Kanyadan Yojana. Development work will be done on the lines of Chhindwara to Jhabua district.

When the demand for the post-mortem room, Kanya High Secondary School, was asked for years old, he said that I have been made aware of every problem in my area to the Honorable Chief Minister Kamal Nath ji all problem were solved. He said that two lakhs have been approved for Raipuriya platform.

The program was conducted by Sunil Bhandari, Raipuria Branch Manager, Mohankot Branch Manager, Becalda Branch Manager Bhanwar Singh Rathore Ramesh Patidar Lal Singh Dodia District Government Bank's Devisingh Kalaiman etc. employees were present.