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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Devotthan Ekadashi celebrated with great fervor by women

Devotthan Ekadashi celebrated with great fervor by women

S.Khan Bharti
These Dev Uthani Ekadashi Kartik Shukla was celebrated with great joy by the women of Devothan Ekadashi on Friday. Tulsi marriage was organized by the city Gavalipura Chok and Brahmin Mahila Mandal on the occasion of Dev Uthi on the Gyaras, Shri Govinda was decorated with Baba Kutir Mandir of the city and placed on a chariot, and the devotees went out to the Gavalipura Chok where they performed a dance procession with joy. After the worship of  Tulsi ji, this marriage was concluded with Dhumdham.
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 Smt. Indra Sharma Sushila Sharma Renuka Tiwari Lalita Sen Nirmala Sharma Gayatri Trivedi Rupali Jain etc. of Gavalipura Mahila Mandal contributed. Like Sali, Shri Saligram was married by Tulsi Pandit Raju Maharaj in Brahman locality. Women took part in this marriage and took out a bana in the locality along with the singing instruments, turned the fire around as a witness and took advantage of the offerings of Aarti and Faliari khichdi.