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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Demand draft not going to made in the state bank form the last three months

Demand draft not going to made in the state bank form the last three months

Prem Kumar
Dewri kala
 State Bank of India, which is always known for controversies and negligence, is not taking the name of improving its functioning. While in State Bank of India, Deori, people from all the villages of Deori development block come for their work in this bank.
But due to lack of work, many times people have to return. And due to the hold on accounts of many account holders, the account holders are facing a lot of trouble. And there is the problem of not getting the link in the bank on the day. It has been the last 3 months since the drafting paper in the State Bank is over. It is done.
And when the paper is over, the officials are talking about asking for the paper to be printed by the bank drafts by correspondence, due to which the institution is losing the commission received by the bank. But the responsible officials are not taking any action about it
 The same Deori resident Anand Dixit says that coming to this bank at one time never works, I have to get a draft to get a marksheet. So it is not able to be made in this bank. And refused to make the draft. The same Sukhchain ward resident Nandkishore Uddania said that for the last several days, the State Bank has come to make drafts again and again but drafts are not being made here.
And the drafting of the paper is said to be over. Due to which the people of Deori region are in great trouble, while the State Bank at Deori headquarters is the only bank which has the highest number of customers.
 Whereas this bank is called bank to serve customers. But the officers here show their status and returns to the people. In this regard, the bank manager Manoj Mishra says that in 8 days, the paper to make the draft will come, yes the paper is finished for the last two months.
But due to the audit team, I did not send any employee to bring paper, so the bank draft papers could not came.