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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Cattle grazing children don't know what is Children's Day

Cattle grazing children don't know what is Children's Day

Banswara (R.J)
By Rahim Sherani
 Although there should be a copy book in the hands of innocent children, but today the same innocent is forced to graze cattle with wood in their hands! From the Central Government to the State Government, spends lots of money in the name of education,but ground situation is diffrent

Even today, the innocent children who should have a book release pen in their hands, today those little innocent children have wood in their hands and are forced to graze cattle instead of school!

Today is children's day and also we are celebrating this day but Why still children is forced for grazing cattle in forest in the Kheda dharti area of ​​Kushalgarh sub-block area of ​​Banswara district of Rajasthan Even after having compulsory free education, the small innocent children of the deficit area are not able to get school education. The Rajasthan government is wasting crores of rupees to get education for the children