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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Brutal and black face exposed behind administration's face

Brutal and black face exposed behind administration's face

Gwalior (RJ)
Sandip Shukla
When all the doctors of the city showed their solidarity and showed the mirror to the administration, the administration started torturing them by taking revenge action. The first victim of revenge action has been made by Dr. AS Bhalla Sir, the director of Sahara Hospital. Dr. Bhalla has played a major role in raising voice against the administration.As a result, the administration has given Dr. Bhalla a notice to lock the hospital under section 133 (1). The real intention of the administration is that if all the hospitals are closed, then we are ready to close all the hospitals in the city and sit on the dharna. Collectors and administrative officers are playing but not learn lessons from the mistakes of the past and are losing their temper and are making mistakes on mistake.
Information has come in and as it is being said on his behalf that admnistration will give notice to other people by intimidating him in the same way and will take action against him and can make false cases.Doctors are determined to provide treatment at the right time and appropriate treatment in the available resources and they are constantly engaged in this work of social service with their whole heartedness.Despite the problems in the city due to population growth and overcrowding, despite the limited number of doctors, hospitals and nursing homes, beds are not available for the treatment of patients.

In view of the large number of patients in their small nursing homes and hospitals, city physicians have made arrangements in limited sources for proper treatment of patients so that they can get cheaper and better treatment available in the city itself. But the administration is working to intimidate the doctors by closing these hospitals due to their dictatorship and maliciousness and revenge. The city doctors are able to unite in protest against any action of sabotage and locks in hospitals with a sense of revenge and other maladministration. Administrative officials spread chaos in the city and spoil the amicable atmosphere created between citizens and city doctors.

If any such action is taken on anyone, then all the doctors of the city and their organizations will unite and sit on the administrative offices and expose the irregularities prevailing in their offices.