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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Both traditional and social media give new dimensions to journalism

Jhabua( M.P)
Ali Asgar Bohra
State Energy Minister Priyavrat Singh has said that both traditional and social media together give a new dimension to journalism. Traditional and social media cannot be different, but can work complementary and collaborative to each other. Traditional media will get support from social media. Social media has gained importance in the modern era. TCS
Priyavrat Singh was addressing a session organized on social media vs traditional media special as part of the three-day Linguistic Journalism Festival organized by the State Press Club. Famous Bhajan singer Anoop Jalota, senior journalists Ashok Wankhede, Vikas Mishra, Narayan Baghale, Ms. Palak Sharma, Sanjay Singh, Balakrishnan besides Raghu Parmar and Suveg Rathi were specially present on the occasion. TCS

 Addressing the program, Priyabrata Singh said that in the modern era every area is undergoing rapid changes. This change is also visible in the journalism world. In the era of change, the importance of social media is increasing. Information and news are spreading rapidly on social media. Social media has lacked credibility. Social media is yet to prove its credibility. While addressing the event, noted hymn singer Anoop Jalota said that journalism has came in every hand with the arrival of social media. Everybody is the chief editor through social media. He edits anything posted by citizens. News and notifications are getting moment by moment. We all need to think together about how to control wrong and illusory information and information.

Senior journalist Ashok Wankhede has addressed that what is happening in the society, it is happening that is visible in social media. Social media is not censored. The society is accepting the same items of social media, which are useful for it. Social media is upgrading both electronic and print media. Today, the importance of both electronic and print media remains intact. Other guests also addressed the program.

Initially, the President of the State Press Club, Praveen Khariwal gave the welcome address and informed about the purpose of the event. The guests were welcomed by Sudesh Tiwari. The program was conducted by Sushil Pagare. A large number of distinguished citizens and other intellectuals were present in the program.