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Friday, November 22, 2019

Books have not yet come out of the half season of college student

Books have not yet come out of the half season of college student!

Jhabua (M.P)
Ali Asgar Bohra
The students of 2019-20 are yet to get free books, stationery.Due to non-payment of the same amount of scholarship accommodation, due to failure of books from the market, Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya Indore set the examination timetable can push the future of children into darkness.It is being told that Madhya Pradesh Hindi Granth Academy Bhopal goes to make available books in government colleges of the entire state.

 This year, the entry lasted till September and due to change in some syllabus, books have not been available simultaneously in the whole state.Whereas all the books of other publications have also become available in the market, which are purchased by the highly capable students while it is out of the budget for other general middle class. In charge of the Principal PC Jain Granthalaya, in-charge of the organization, said that on October 16, the demand has been sent on October 16, stating the number of students on faculty basis, but so far books have not been available with them.

 The same information has been given on the phone several times. Books will be distributed as soon as it arrive.

Books did not arrive and the bill arrived first
While this information was being taken, it was found that the number of diamond transport bills of four cartoon books from Bhopal has left on 803 / 6-11-19, which can come here anytime, even before that the bill of all books is 1715 / Already received by sale / 8-11-19.
Granthalaya Incharge told that books will come in about 100 to 150 bundles, this is nothing. Therefore, payment will not be made until the books are received. Now the question arises that December is about to come and books are not known yet, in such a situation, who will be responsible for the crisis of deepening crisis on the future of students.

Till now no public representative has taken any action in this regard, whereas in this school the former MLA had installed the statue of Saraswati Mata, the same MLA has also become a part of many events.