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Monday, November 11, 2019

BJP's central government has spoiled the country's economy - Mr. Patel

BJP's central government has spoiled the country's economy - Mr. Patel

Alirajpur M.P
Ali Asgar Bohra
The economy of the country is on ventilator, employment generation is in a coma, there is no job nor employment, the recession of agriculture sector is worse. The sinking economy, dwindling savings, the lockout of business and the loot of public money in bank scams have proved that the BJP's central government has bankrupted the country's economy.

 The BJP government is responsible for the financial crisis that has dominated the Indian economy, which has brought the country to the door of financial emergency. The BJP government at the center is responsible for the financial crisis that dominated the economy. The BJP government is playing with national interest at every step. On Monday, District Congress President Mahesh Patel and MLA Mukesh Patel said in a press conference held at the District Congress Committee office on Monday.

India's financial system in case of emergency
In the press conference, he told that as per the instructions of the State Congress Committee, a protest demonstration was to be organized from 05 November to 15 November at the district level to protest against the policies of the Modi government at the Center. But due to the implementation of section 144 in the district, the press conference was canceled today and a press conference was organized today. In which Mr. Patel told that the Modi government of BJP has put the financial autonomy and economic stability of the country at stake.
 The truth is that India is in a state of financial emergency. Sprinkling salt on the burn, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to sign a mega free tanned agreement with China and 15 other countries in November 2019.

 This agreement, called the RSEP Regional-Cooperative Economic Partnership Agreement, will make India a dumping ground for China and other foreign products and goods.

On this occasion, District Congress acting president Om Prakash Rathore, senior Congress leaders Radheshyam Maheshwari, Prakashchandra Jane, Jawahar Kothari, Khurshid Ali Divan, Anil Thepadia, Dr. AM Sheikh, Rahul Parihar, Azhar Chanderi, Irfan Mansuri, Chital Panwar, Zahid Khan, Shankar Brothers etc. were present. The above information was given by District Congress Committee's District Media In-charge Rafiq Qureshi.