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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Arrested fraudsters in making Ayushman card

Arrested fraudsters in making Ayushman card

Lakhimpur Khiri
SP Tiwari /Kuldip Singh
On Wednesday, Superintendent of Police Kheri Poonam, during a press conference at his office, revealed the arrest of fraudsters in making Ayushman cards. Police Superintendent Poonam said that Mitauli police station in-charge Arvind Kumar was on supervision of Mitauli, with his constable Jayaprakash Bharti, he left the station to look after the area.
As soon as they reached near Bawana Mor, on the information of the informer, the accused of the previously registered serious incidents who had withdrawn money from peopels account in the name of making Ayush cards in Gram Menhan and Rehana.

Believing this information of informer that they are going from Magalganj to Lakhimpur, after a while, two persons on a bike were seen coming from the front, on which the police put a flashlight and asked them to stop, but both the motorcyclists turned the vehicle to escape. When the police suspected them, they simultaneously grabbed both of them.

When asked about the name and address and the reason for the escape, a new disclosure was revealed. Among the persons caught, one person named his name Tohid and the other said his name was Salim resident Gan takiya Purva police station Tikonia.

Gave full information about the registered lawsuit. Two laptops, two computer printers, two keyboards, lamination machines, biometric machines, one mouse, two mobiles, three pieces, 10 card readers, two PAN cards, 3 credit cards, two forms on their spot. PAN card filled, 18 different non ID xerox, a motorcycle splendor baggage was recovered. Those caught in the inquiry have told the manager of a CMS company and Allahabad Bank Kasta and district manager Kheri Anuj Verma to be involved.