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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Akot Police maintain law and order even in full time challenge

Akot Police maintain law and order even in full time challenge

then once Akot police proved themselves better

Zafar Khan
Often, the same thing starts popping in our mind as soon as the name of the police comes, but the crime happened, said that a big incident has happened, in this way, there is a social work or some political work, the police has to be deployed in view of security. The one who sacrifices his happiness for the happiness of the people for the peace of the society, peace of society is the one who settles every problem, and it is only the police administration
The current scenario

The one who sacrificed his desires to let the happiness in the society rest in peace. Similarly, the city of Akot is a disputed city where it is not known as to when the riots will take place. It was challenging for the Akot city police inspector Santosh Mahalle and the Akot police team to come together on all the religions.
The current scenario
Also, state elections due to which the police had to do a lot of butchering and had to perform their duty day and night, working 15 to 18 hours day and night to keep the society from riots or trouble.Seeing this, the people of Akot city are seen expressing gratitude to the city of Akot and the rural police and the love and respect for the police has been shown by peoples
The current scenario
Whether it is poor or businessman or someone else in Akot, the response of everyone shows love to Inspector Santosh Mahale of Akot.That Akola Superintendent of Police Amogh Gavkar gave such a capable and agile officer to Akot, due to which the citizen have not any problem of any kind, which the public says that
Salute such officers.
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