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Monday, November 18, 2019

Action taken against school buses for violation of rules

Action taken against school buses for violation of rules

Gwalior (R.J)
Sandeep Shukla
Action has taken against school buses under the supervision of SDM Dabra Raghavendra Pandey and Transport Department officials under the direction of Collector Anurag Chaudhary. Intensive checking was done on various types of security arrangements in buses.

In a letter given by SDM Raghavan Pandey to Collector Gwalior Anurag Choudhary and Transport Department 2 days ago, it was mentioned that buses transporting children from schools inside Dabra Nagar are violating the rules of Transport Department, seeing that today This action has been taken.
In intensive checking, the administrative team has tried to find out which bus does not have speed governor, which bus does not have fire fighting equipment, whether the driver is in his dress or not, whether there is a medical safety box, whether the driver has police verification or not Whether the driver has complete documents related to the vehicle, whether there is fitness of the bus or not, many such reasons have been investigated by the administrative team. The administrative team is still in action.