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Sunday, November 17, 2019

20 bullock cart crop burnt to ash

20 bullock cart crop burnt to ash

Alirajpur (M.P)
Rahim Sherani
Under the Ambua Panchayat of Alirajpur district, 20 bullock carts crops of farmer Magar Singh's father Vesta Dabur were burnt to ash due to fire.According to the information, in village Chaugadia Falia of village panchayat Ambua, the farmer Magar Singh's father Vesta said that two separate heaps of 12 bullock carts of soybean and 8 bullock carts of urad (Black gram) were planted near the house.

 In which a sudden fire broke out at 10:45 pm on the night of 16 -17 November. The information of Ramesh Baghel of Ambua was given to Kalawati Bhuria, the regional MLA, on which MLA Bhuria immediately ordered the fire brigade to reach the spot.By the time the fire brigade reached, the entire crop was burnt down.
On the second day of the incident, the legislature sent its worker Ramesh Baghel Kau to the scene and received information.
And a case was registered at the police station.

 Station in-charge Vikas Kapis told that the farmer Ramesh Baghel has reported the incident of crop fire to the police station.  The investigation of which was handed over to ASI to Nanuram Patel. Only after investigation will be known how the fire was set.