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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Research Paper on Paving

awes siddiqui and team made paver with waste plastic
research paper on paving bricks

The biggest problem with plastic Bags is that they don’t
readily breakdown in the environment. It takes 20 – 1000
years Based on their composition. The average plastic waste
produced in India per year is 15432 tones among which 6000
tones, plastic is used in various objects which we use in our
daily life like polythene, plastic cups, furniture, bags,
packaging of food and other accessories, drinking containers,
bottles, frames, basins etc. we need to use better advance
techniques and methods to dispose plastic waste properly,
otherwise, the time is not too far away where we see it as a
big challenge for us to dispose it. Researchers suggest that if
plastic isn’t disposed of soon, it can sustain for 4500 years
without degradation.
Now, these days the rate of plastic use keeps
increasing. So the collection of plastic like Marketing,
manufacturing, transportation etc. In construction sector, we
can use the plastic waste on a very large scale after recycling
it, which means the problem of plastic waste can be removed
for a long time period. It seems to be more practicable
and efficient method to solve this problem. In construction
field, many types of bricks and tiles are used like - clay
bricks/tiles, concrete bricks, fly ash bricks, foam bricks. In
this project we try to use plastic based bricks/tiles which has
better characteristics than any other type of bricks. Plastic
sand bricks/tiles are cheaper than normal bricks/tiles. People
can easily afford these types of bricks/tiles.